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Mother-ease Wet Bags

An environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags our Wet Bags store your clean or soiled nappies when out and about.

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Our wet bags are made to last! These bags are made of a 100% cotton outer layer with an inside water proof layer. The wet bags can be washed at high temperatures for great hygiene and odour prevention. The bags easily pull apart to ensure hygienic washing and effective rinsing. Simply wash with your nappies. The wet bags features a drawstring mesh closure for air circulation to help prevent odours from setting into the bag and the nappies.

Mother-ease wet bags can also be used for carrying bottles or drinks that may spill, dirty clothes or damp swimming gear.

The small bags hold up to 6 Motherease nappies. The Large holds up to 10 nappies. Large is best as a swimming bag to hold damp towels.

Wet Bag - Sizes

Small: 28 x 33 cm (holds approximately 6 nappies)
Large: 35 x 42 cm (holds approximately 10 nappies)

What our customers are saying ...

Kylie says ...

I am very happy to say it handled some very wet training pants and did not leak! I even rinsed them and left them soaking wet in the bag on the laundry sink while waiting for a load of washing to finish, still no leaks. Which was exactly what I wanted after using a different wet bag that leaked through my handbag.

This is a great size bag. It will happily fit a set of toddler clothes and contain the smell nicely. It would also hold a couple of pairs of wet swimmers too!


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