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Mother-ease Designer Sun Top

Clearance Sale! ½ Price!

Great protection for your baby at
the pool or at the beach

Discontinued Prints A$40.00 A$20.00


Postage on one sun top or swim set is only $4!

These sun tops are so adorable and provide great protection for your baby too. The sun tops are styled to match our swimming nappies and provide a cute a functional outfit for your baby at the pool and the beach.

These sun tops are made from the same special swim suit material as used in our swimming nappies which means they will last in salt in chorinated water, unlike some swim tops that quickly lose their shape and sun protection qualities. The girls top is cut in a cute "A line" with a ruffled sleeve for extra protection. The boys top is cut in more conventional lines with shoulder inserts and short sleeves.

These sun tops are a "must have" for this summer and make a great gift idea!

Performance of Blocking of Ultraviolet : AATCC 183: 2004
Ultraviolet Protection Factor UPF 66.8 UPF Rating 50+
Blocking percent of Ultraviolet(%)
UV-A(315~400 nm) 96.4 UV-B(280~315 nm) 98.6

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