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Mother-ease Night Nappy Packages

Extra Absorbent Nappies and Boosters for Overnight

Unfortunately for many night nappies turn into nightmares. Waking babies, soaked pyjamas sheets and even more washing are not signs of a good night nappy. Luckily Mother-ease make a range of super-absorbent nappies that are perfect for use overnight. With a Mother-ease night nappy you can be assured your nappy will be reliable, comfortable, easy to wash and use and really go the distance. Our recommended night nappies are the Wizard Uno and the Wizard Duo with "Night" insert. If you want to try out just one nappy you can pick up a trial offer of the Uno or Duo on our Trial Offer page.

To help you we have put together a selection of night nappy packages to help you choose your night nappy solution. Each package contains everything you need - the nappy plus the matching recommended boosters and covers where required. All of the packages come with 3, 4 or 6 nappies.

For washing every 2 days choose:

3 Nappiesif your baby only uses one nappy/night (no changes)
4 Nappiesif you sometimes have to change the nappy overnight
6 Nappiesif you use 2 nappies/night or you have two children in night nappies

These packages contain everything you need to make night nappies easy
and you get a nice discount too!

Wizard Uno
All in One Nappy

Wizard Uno Nappies
Matching Super-Absorbent Boosters
(This nappy has a sewn in stay-dry liner)

3 Nappies
3 Boosters
4 Nappies
4 Boosters
6 Nappies
6 Boosters

Nappy Size

Package Size

Choose this nappy for:
* convenience of an All in One design - easy to put on even by occassional carers
* trimness from the patented super-absorbent microfibre core.

Wizard Duo
Snap-in Two Nappy

Wizard Duo "Night" Inserts
Wizard Duo Cover
Matching Super-Absorbent Boosters
(This nappy has a sewn in stay-dry liner)

3 Inserts
2 Covers
3 Boosters
$130.00SOLD OUT
4 Inserts
2 Covers
4 Boosters
$160.00SOLD OUT
6 Inserts
3 Covers
6 Boosters
$235.00SOLD OUT



Cover Size

Choose this nappy for:
* extra absorbency of the specially designed "Night" insert
* fast drying time of the completely separated cover and insert.

Tips and Tricks

Do I really need a special night nappy?
Not necessarily. All of the Mother-ease nappies are designed to be used at night with boosting. The key to a good night nappy is it's ability to keep it's shape with boosting. The Mother-ease nappies are specially designed to do this. These packages are designed for people who have choosen a different brand of nappy and find it doesn't hold up overnight or for those lucky Mother-ease customers who have super-heavy-night-wetters!

Help! My nappies always leak overnight ...
Don't panic - there are lots of things to try:

    * Check the fit of the nappy and cover - both should fit snuggly but not too tight. If you've got the wrong size get the right size.
    * Check the cover is not worn out - older than six months you should be suspicious. Covers can wear out on All in Ones and Pocket Nappies too!
    * Boost more! If you can't fit another booster in the nappy put it between the nappy and the cover.
    * Change the nappy when you go bed (if you can do this without waking your baby!)
    * Always change if you are feeding at night.
    * Limit fluids before bedtime (this really works!)

Best tips from our Happy Customers ...

Boost, boost, boost!
- Deirdre

Use a nappy larger than what you would during the daytime because the extra layers of absorbancy (boosting) make the nappy a tighter fit.
- Christine

I always add a booster and micofleece liner to ensure dryness and no leaks.
- Jasmine

Put the night nappy on as one of the last steps in your night routine so that your little one can start the night fresh and hopefully make it til morning if they are a heavy wetter.
- Emily

Nappies with elastic at the front work best for tummy sleepers.
- Alison

Put a little extra absorbent lining in the front for boys and underneath for girls in their nappies!
- Monica

Encourage you baby/child to use the potty before putting the nappy on just before bed to decrease the chance the nappy will be wet before they go to sleep and eventually to boost the chance it will be dry by morning some mornings.
- Robyn

Use a fleece or wool cover even if the nappy doesn't require a cover. This has helped us immensely with our heavy wetter as it gives him that extra protection. He rarely wakes up with wet bedding now ( if he does it's because I haven't put the cover on properly lol).
- Merideth

Nip Naps - we don't sell fleece or wool covers but this is a great tip! You can put an extra Mother-ease cover over worn out All in Ones or Pocket Nappies and even extend the life of the Mother-ease bedwetter pants.

Night nappies should have poppers rather than applix/velcro, because poppers are quieter if you need to do a sneaky nappy change during the night.
- Estelle

Nip Naps - I thoroughly agree Estelle!

Best night nappying tip there is no harm adding an extra booster or two!!
- Kristy

Be sure your cover is pulled up over the back of the nappy completely!
- Julie

Stuff the nappy with whatever boosters you have - they don't need to be made for the nappy. We like bamboo ones because they are relatively trim but very absorbent. If you use a cover the boosters can go outside the nappy.
- Megan

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