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The cutest newborn nappies ever

Extra Small Nappies for your Premmie or Newborn Baby

Why buy newborn nappies? Well, apart from the fact that these are the cutest nappies you will ever see, an XS nappy will give you great fit and reliability for your gorgeous newborn baby. These nappies are made extra small specially for tiny babies. If your baby is premmie or small you'll need an XS size before you can move onto a one size nappy.

Newborn babies go through a lot of nappies! You should budget to use 10-12 per day. Don't forget to allow for washing. With a newborn you will need to wash every 1 - 1 ½ days to keep up your nappy supply.
For washing every 1 ½ days choose:

4 Nappies/Insertsto get started.
12 Nappies/Insertsto use part-time (e.g. day use only).
24 Nappies/Insertsfor full-time use.

These packages contain everything you need to make newborn nappies easy
and you get a nice discount too! If you are concerned about the cost, keep in mind that XS nappies will not be worn out after use with one baby, so you can use them again on subsequent babies (or give them to a friend or sell them second hand). If you are planning two or three children, XS nappies are a really good investment.

Please note: these packages do not contain boosters as the nappies are absorbent enough on their own for tiny babies.

Wizard Uno

All in One Nappy

XS Wizard Uno Nappies
(This nappy has a sewn in stay-dry liner)

4 Nappies$125.00
12 Nappies$355.00
24 Nappies$670.00
36 Nappies$950.00

Package Size

Choose this nappy for:
* Convenience (great for occassional carers)
* Trimness
* Luxury

Wizard Duo

Snap-in Two Nappy

Wizard Duo XS Inserts
Wizard Duo XS Covers

Stay Dry
4 Inserts
2 Covers
12 Inserts
4 Covers
24 Inserts
6 Covers


Package Size

Choose this nappy for:
* Convenience and Economy
* Trimness
* Fast Drying Time - cover completely separates from insert

Tips and Tricks

Do I really need a special XS nappy?
Not necessarily. Our Mother-ease one-size nappy fits from birth to toddler but it can be bulky on a newborn. If your baby is small (<3.5kg) then you will find the XS sizes fit beautifully and looks great.

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