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Mother-ease Wizard EasyStuff™ Nappy

BUY 2 GET 1 FREE SPECIAL - Wizard EasyStuff
Wizard EasyStuff Nappy
Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

3 x Wizard EasyStuff Nappies
with Boosters

Booster Size

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Duo Wizard EasyStuff - Pocket without a Pocket

EasyStuff - One Size 3.5-17kg - A$30.00
Includes Wizard Booster - Small/Large

incl. Wizard Booster - Small
(required for baby 1 month-1year)

incl. Wizard Booster - Large
(required for baby > 1 year old)


Mother-ease™ is happy to announce the arrival of our first pocket style nappy - the Wizard EasyStuff One Size Pocket Nappy. This nappy has an adjustable snap rise so that it can grow with your child. You will love the easy loading booster access.

Economy coupled with exceptional performance makes the Wizard EasyStuff One Size Pocket Nappy a great choice.

Duo Features

We call it Wizard EasyStuff™ for a reason!

- Stay Dry inner with attached terry for quick moisture movement
- Hygienic washability and quick drying time
- Large access for easy stuffing, even Dad's big hands will fit
- Select from our assortment of absorbent liners/boosters or use what you already have

Snaps and Adjustability

The Wizard EasyStuff combines all sizes into one adjustable nappy. The height and waist are adjustable through a series of snaps. It fits nicely from 3 - 15kg.

Stay Dry & Core

The Wizard EasyStuff has a soft layer of high tech stay dry fabric attached to the outer cover to provide superior moisture wicking performance. Attached to it is a layer of soft and absorbent cotton terry cloth to quickly absorb moisture and move it on to a booster. The Wizard EasyStuff nappy has the versatility to allow you to select what kind of absorbent component you'd like to add. You can select from boosters and liners that you already own or any of the Mother-ease line of absorbent liners can be used. Or you can recycle old towels, which can be folded and laid inside. Choose small boosters/liners to reduce the bulk on your small baby and large ones when your baby needs more absorbency.

Booster Access

The Wizard EasyStuff cloth nappy has a large opening at the legs that is perfectly suited for stuffing an absorbent liner/booster between the absorbent component and the cover. Best of all, the boosters work themselves out in the wash. No unstuffing necessary.

Double Elasticized legs and Defense Against Leaks

The EasyStuff cloth nappy has the cover and the Stay Dry/terry component separated through the legs. This allows us to create 2 lines of defense against leaks.

First Line of Defense: The Stay Dry/terry component has a fully elasticized edge that moves independently of the cover to conform to your baby while gently providing leakage protection.

Second line of defense: The cover component of the Wizard EasyStuff is your second line of defense. Should a mess ever get past the Stay Dry/terry component it will be contained by the separately elasticized cover. By detaching the cover from the Stay Dry/terry component through the legs, the two work independently of each other to achieve maximum leakage protection.

Wick Resistant Binding

Our wick resistant binding has a unique quality that helps reduce liquid from wicking from the inside of the nappy to the outer clothing. This means your nappy will work better longer to keep what's in the nappy, in the nappy.

Washability and Drying Time

Flow through of wash water and thorough rinsing was a top objective in the development of the Wizard line. To achieve this we developed the material separation process. Water extraction during the spin cycle is maximized as the nappy separates it's layers during the wash cycle turning itself to the drum of the machine for maximum water extraction and minimal drying times.

One of the EasyStuff's best features is its rapid drying time. The material separation design allows for the heavier absorbent core to separate from the lighter cover fabric so that it dries independently from the cover. It will dry very quickly.

Wizard Easystuff Baby

Wizard Easystuff - Rise Adjustment

Wizard Easystuff Prints

2 Prints, 4 Colours (plus white)

Wizard Boosters
Wizard Boosters - Sm and Large

Wizard Easystuff - Pocket and Booster
Super EasyStuffing

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