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General Care

Wash all nappies (preferably twice) before use. Washing removes chemical residues left from manufacture and helps the nappy reach its full absorbancy.

We recommend "dry-pailing" your nappies to reduce smell and water hazards. Dry-paling means you do not need to have water in the nappy bucket in your nursery.

We DO NOT recommend the use of nappy soakers or treatments (such as Napisan), or any washing formula containing bleach. This includes non-chlorine bleach (eg. "oxy" bleaches - sometimes called "optical brightners"). Such formulas are unnecessary, environmentally hazardous and will significantly reduce the life of your nappies.

Do not use fabric softeners on your nappies - it will reduce the absorbancy.

All of our nappies and covers may be tumble dried, but we recommend line drying when possible. Sunlight provides natural bleaching and sanitising. Tumble drying reduces the life of the nappies, increases the cost of cleaning the nappies and creates greenhouse gases through the use of electricity.


1. Wet nappies go straight into the nappy bucket. Solid waste from soiled nappies/covers is disposed of in the toilet and the nappy/cover rinsed before going into the bucket.

2. All nappies and covers are put into the washing machine.

3. Run a hot, heavy duty wash using your normal washing detergent (please note: "environmental" or special "baby" washing detergents may not have the power to properly clean soiled nappies).

4. Line dry or tumble dry the nappies and covers.

Please note: some stains may remain after washing. These are stains only and are not hazardous to your baby's health. Most will wash out within 2-3 washes. We do not recommend bleaching the nappies with Napisan, however this may be done occasionally if necessary.

Care Instructions Leaflet

All our Mother-ease products come with a 'Care Instructions' leaflet containing care instruction and tips on using your nappies. It is available here electronically as a reference (incase you've lost your copy).

instructions (44K download)

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Download the PDF version for easier printing, (and reading!) (size: 13K)

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